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Two Wine Cups

White Grape Varietals

 Sauvignon Blanc

Light and tangy, fresh and crisp. Light to medium acidity. Sour to tropical fruits with grassy overtones. Legendary in NZ! Loire, Bordeaux, New Zealand, Chile, Australia, South Africa.


Has a plethora of styles however the most popular are rich and full bodied. Described as buttery and creamy, hints of citrus and stone fruits. Chablis, Burgundy, popular across the globe.


A grape that almost went extinct. Complex, medium body, low to medium acidity. Apricots, peaches, spice. Floral aroma, often Jasmine. Rhone, Languedoc, Australia, USA, Chile, South Africa.


Some are sweet but many are light, crisp, dry and fruity. Very fragrant wine with flavours of lime cordial and, with age, kerosene. German origins. Alsace, Australia, NZ, USA, Chile.


Waxy, blossomy, rounded in texture, relatively neutral in taste. Toasty with age. Often blended to balance its strong grassiness. Bordeaux, Chile, Argentina, Australia, USA.

Chenin Blanc

High acidity produces dry and sweet wines that gain complexity with age. Light and fruity, some say woolly, stewed apples, baked quince and honey. Loire, South Africa, USA, Australia, NZ


A bold and crisp wine high in acidity; intense and aromatic. Exotic flavours of Turkish delight, spicy ginger, tropical lychees. Can be very sweet or dry. Alsace, Germany, Italy, Chile, Australia.

Pinot Blanc

Often confused with Chardonnay, although it is crisper and lighter in style. Fruity, citrus flavours and aromas, high acidity. Best drunk young. Alsace, Germany, Italy.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Gris in France. Light bodied, crisp and fresh. Heady stone fruit and floral aromas. Pinot Gris is slightly fuller bodied and spicier than Pinot Blanc. Italy, Germany, Australia, USA.


Famous for its sweet flavours of peaches, orange blossom and musk. Often made into sweet dessert wines and fortified wines. Alsace, Languedoc, Austria, Italy, USA, Australia.

Red Wine


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