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Red Wine

Red Grape Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon

Easy to cultivate. Full bodied, dry, high tannins in young wine becoming silken with age. Green pepper, blackcurrant, cassis, cedar, leather, tobacco. Bordeaux, Australia, Chile, USA, NZ, SA


Smooth and mellow. Less tannic than Cab Sav. Red fruits, summer pudding, chocolate, baked figs, gentle spices. Bordeaux, Chile, Argentina, NZ, Australia, Ital

Pinot Noir

Tricky grape to cultivate, creates a delicate, light to mid body wine with great complexity and soft tannins. Hints of forest fruits, leaf mould, worn leather. Burgundy, Alsace, Italy, NZ, USA


Inky dark with thin skin (soft tannins) and spice. Medium to full bodied, velvety soft, full flavour. Berries, brambles, old leather, smoke, cocoa. Cahors, Bordeaux, Loire, Argentina, Chile, USA


Cultivated in hot, dry climates; a late ripener. Soft on the palate, high alcohol, low acidity. Warm, deep and complex. White pepper, herbs, spices, berries. CdP, Southern Rhone, Spain


Dark and full bodied. Medium to high tannin. Punchy flavours and spicy finish. Black fruits, brambles, plums, spice, black pepper. Rhone, Languedoc, Australia, SA, Chile, Argentina


A chameleon! Medium body, light colour, high acidity, moderate tannins and complex flavours. Herbal, plums, berries, sour cherry, vanilla spice. Italy (Chianti), Argentina, Australia, USA


Medium to full bodied red with medium acidity. Red fruits, sweet coconut, vanilla, savoury vegetal and animal flavours. Often blended with Grenache. Spain (Rioja), Australia, USA, SA


Full bodied wine with high tannins, alcohol and acidity. Red fruit flavours accompanied by floral and earth elements, tobacco, mushroom,tar. Italy (Piemonte), USA, Australia.


Deep red, full bodied, was mistaken for Merlot in Chile for years. Gentler and softer tannins than Cab Sav. Berries, spices, green pepper, earthy, smoky. Medoc, Chile, Italy, USA, Australia, NZ.

Two Wine Cups


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